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The smart way to buy, sell or browse scrap vehicles.

Seasoned professionals in the wrecking industry, coming together with a vision of the future. Instead of scouring the net and other companies for specific parts or finding the highest quote on cars, we provide the option to do all of that in house. The goal of i-Scrap Auctions is to automate the wrecking system currently in place. With a few clicks, private dealers, auto companies, or scrap yards can have all their car needs catered to.

  • Stress-free listing & bidding.
  • Getting the optimal value for your car or parts.
  • Robust selection of popular vehicles.
  • Trusted by a community of esteemed businesses.
  • Lightning fast browsing of a wide range in car parts.
  • All in one solution for all your wrecking needs.


Simply create an account and add your car for auction. Receive the absolute best value for your vehicle. Get bidders from all over Brisbane.

Find your specific car or part within our listings, and bid an amount higher than the last bid. Participate in the auction to the end to ensure a winning bid!

After the auction has been completed, the seller will correspond with the winner in order to ensure all the appropriate documents of transfer are arranged before payment is processed. These documents are outlined during the listing phase.